• Improving laws and policies that affect the poor and land
    To contribute directly to more equitable and efficient land policies, legislative frameworks, and their implementation strategies.
  • Improving land rights practices
    To assist governments, foreign aid donors, and NGOs with the design, adoption and incorporation of pro-poor land tenure practices into their programs and projects.
  • Replicating successful models
    Identify, develop, publicize, and replicate successful models of pro-poor land tenure reform.
  • Increasing women’s land rights
    To help women gain social and economic power by strengthening their access and rights to land.


  • More than 400,000 families now have secure land ownership of farmland.
  • Homestead allocation and pilot programs working in three states.
  • The national government of India has launched, with RDI’s inputs, a nine billion rupee (200 million USD) initiative to provide two million landless families secure access to land.