Rutani’s Story

14 year old Rutani has never been to school, but what she lacks in education she makes up for in her spirit.

Recently, she traveled 20 kilometers all by herself to receive a patta on behalf of her family. Read more

Kalpana’s Story

Till about a few months ago, the future looked bleak to 13 year old Kalpana.

Her father, Hakim Barman was unable to support his family of seven, and Kalpana seemed destined to become a child labourer. Read more

Kharibandha Village, Ganjam District, Odisha, India

For generations, this hamlet has been like any other in this poor corner of India.

Children here did not attend school, but worked alongside their parents in landowners’ fields. When those fields were fallow, the hamlet’s men left their families to look for work in the cities… Read More

Lakshmi’s Story

At the impossibly young age of 10, Lakshmi became a bride.

Soon after that she became a mother. And then, a young widow… Read More

Poonam’s Story

How Land Rights is Helping one 14-year-old Girl Become a Doctor

A plot of land about twice the size of a tennis court saved Poonam Barman’s future. The 14-year-old girl and her family were poor, hungry, and landless… Read More

Shakti’s Story

Strengthening Rights for Women and Girls . . .

Shakti beams with pride as she holds her patta – the title to her land. Before she became a landowner, she was among the poorest of the poor…Read More

Suchitra Dey’s Story

Suchitra Dey remembers the weeks of hunger.

When her husband, a truck driver, would travel for work, there was often no food or money in the house. “I would borrow some money from relatives and friends to buy food,”… Read More

Sushmita’s Story

For years, Sushmita worked as an agricultural laborer alongside her husband.

But no matter how many hours they toiled in others’ fields, they  never earned enough to buy three proper meals a day for themselves and  their children… Read More

Ranimma’s Story

For years Ranimma, her husband and three daughters were like leaves blown in the wind.

They followed the promise of agricultural work wherever it took them. Each year, that meant leaving their home village for months at a time… Read More