My Home; My Land

‘Nijo Griha Nijo Bhumi’ in Bengali meaning “My Home My Land” in English is a flagship scheme of the Government of West Bengal. It was launched in the month of October 2011. The Scheme envisages allotment of homestead plots among an estimated 550,000 homestead less families in rural Bengal by the year 2015. This short film talks about the impact of secured Land Rights in lives of some rural landless families in this state. The film also highlights some of the strategies used towards successful implementation of Land Purchase & Distribution and in settling of landless families.

Under the scheme, each beneficiary family will receive 5 decimals of land and the cluster plots inhabited by several of such families will receive support through various schemes of other Departments of the Government for basic amenities and livelihood improvements.

Silent Change Makers

In the backdrop of the International Women’s Day, we share through this film images from the lives of some of the change makers we have been associated with in their journey towards dignity, independence and a life free from hunger.

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Waiting for land

In India 86% women in rural areas draw their livelihood from agriculture but less than 10% own land. Three things are common about the poor communities across the world: they live in rural areas, they rely on agricultural labour and they have no legal rights over the land they cultivate. Any guesses on why poor need land rights?