To build the capacity of women’s groups in Bihar to promote and strengthen women’s rights to land.


  • RDI has undertaken micro- and macro-level research to understand land issues as they relate to women in particular. The findings of this research are being used to inform data-driven solutions for governments and others.
  • We have initiated pilot with state government on accurately identifying landless families with special focus on single women in Vaishali, Muzzafarpur and West Champaran districts.
  • RDI emerged as a key partner of the state Revenue Department for building the capacity of government officials to identify and enumerate the landless in the state.

The State government of Bihar has, in partnership with RDI, begun designing a system to identify and count landless rural families, especially women-headed households, as a first step toward understanding the scale of the land tenure problem. We are scaling up the land legal literacy programme and our engagement with the state Government to further strengthen our efforts in bringing the issue of land leasing and tenant farmers in public discourse.

In Bihar, our journey started in the year 2015 with an intervention to do the situation analysis of the land issues in Bihar. Though the turf was new, we worked with the state government, partner organisations and civil society organisations to design and pilot scalable programmes to provide poor families living in the rural areas access and secure rights to land.