The national office,  based out of New Delhi,  works in close collaboration with central and state governments, civil society partners, and domain experts to identify areas that are critical for making sustainable land rights a reality for the landless in India.

Research is one such focus area. RDI has found that a lack of reliable research hampers land allocation policies and legislation from having the desired impact. Currently, RDI is investigating several critical areas in the realm of land rights: including women and land ownership, identifying the accurate numbers of landless in India etc. The national office is also investigating the scope of employing innovative technology tools to modernize land records and management systems. An example in this regard is a multi-layered management information system to record and monitor land records; currently under development.

As RDI further broadens its work to provide technical and advisory support to governments at the national and state levels, the need to create an enabling environment for effective implementation of land rights legislation is strongly felt. Policy advocacy and communications play a critical role in this regard, and within RDI the national office takes the lead on these activities.

Last but not the least, the national office coordinates RDI activities across all four field offices; providing programmatic direction, training, as well as administrative and communications support that contribute towards the fulfillment of the overall strategic goals of the organisation.