Uttar Pradesh


Partner with the state government in three eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh to develop and implement programs to increase women’s ownership of land and access to government services.
Twenty-nine percent of Uttar Pradesh’s total population of more than 200 million live below the poverty line. A fundamental cause of this widespread and stubborn poverty is the unequal distribution of land.

If Uttar Pradesh is to improve food security and reduce poverty, it must economically empower its rural women. Landesa is working with dedicated state government officials to develop feasible, data-driven innovative solutions to strengthen women’s rights to a powerful tool they can use to feed their families and climb out of poverty – land.

Landesa is partnering with the government in three eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh – Mirzapur, Jaunpur and Sant Ravidas Nagar to:

  • Assist 15,000 landless families, most of them members of low castes or tribal communities, gain secure rights to land with women listed on the land title either singly or jointly.
  • Establish Women’s Land Rights Facilitation Centers to create a responsive institutional delivery system to ensure women’s access to and control over land. In Uttar Pradesh, the program will rely on local organizations, especially women’s organizations, to help identify and serve eligible women. The program will help educate government officials about the needs of landless women-headed households, many of whom depend on support from their brothers or fathers to survive. The goal is to help 15,000 women gain access to government services – including land. This program is based on a model developed in Odisha, India.
  • Partner with women’s organisations, and women’s self-help groups in particular, to provide approximately 50,000 women with land rights legal literacy training – to ensure they understand their rights.

The state government of Uttar Pradesh, in partnership with Landesa, has developed a system to identify and count landless rural families, especially women-headed households. Hundreds of families have been provided patta since our programme initiation in UP.

Landesa began its partnership with the state government of Uttar Pradesh in early 2014.